To use WaveTrackR on Vincere, please note you will need to have an existing WaveTrackR account, and all the email addresses of all posting users need to match the emails used on Vincere.

How to set up the integration

  1. Request integration
  2. Get your Vincere API details
  3. Setup the integration on WaveTrackR
  4. Start posting jobs with WaveTrackR

1. Request integration

The first step is to request WaveTrackR to set up the integration.
When making this request, we will require some information from you.

2. Get your Vincere API Details

You first need to get all Vincere API details. You can find these on your Vincere account.
  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on Marketplace
  3. Click on API

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You then need to collect the following:
  1. Vincere API token (called Vincere API Key on WaveTrackR)
  2. Vincere client ID

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3. Setup the integration on WaveTrackR

Please login to WaveTrackR as one of the primary users, go to your settings hovering on your name right of the top menu, and then clicking on 'My settings'.

At the bottom of your settings, please enter the credentials previously collected on Vincere:

  1. Enter your Vincere URL
  2. Enter the Vincere API token
  3. Enter the Vincere Client ID
  4. Press on the 'Login' button. This should open a new tab on your browser asking you to log in to Vincere
  5. Once logged in, both the Vincere Auth Code and the Vincere Refresh Token should have been automatically filled in
  6. Press the 'Change' button

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Return to Vincere settings, click on Marketplace and Select the WaveTrackR App.

At this point, the integration should be set up and up and running, ready to post jobs.

4. Start posting jobs with WaveTrackR

You can now post jobs with WaveTrackR from Vincere.